Zake I love you man, and hope you know how much people love you.

Well this has been a shocking week. I just heard about the passing of Zake Morgan. My heart goes out to his family and friends. I feel very blessed to be able to say I knew him and love him. He blessed a lot of lives with his smile and jokes and he will be missed tremendously. I know he is smiling down at us still, and helping his family and closest friends through this trial. Zake I love you man, and hope you know how much people love you. My prayers go out to you and your family, may you rest until the day we will all be with you.

I am very grateful to be here and to have my testimony strenghtened in this gospel. I truly know that we will all be able to be with our families again. this knowledge brings me so much hope and happiness and I will never be able to live without it.

I am staying in Logroño for another transfer so it will be 6 months here just like in gandia. Elder Vickery is leaving to zaragosa another city not too far from here actually. And Elder Caetano is going to Gandia! Its pretty funny, I was telling him all about it and all the great members that are there. I am super excited for him.

Life here is good, I thought i was leaving so i was preparing the goodbyes and packing my bags a little as well, but now i have to jump back into the zone and figure out what we have here. Its good though, we have been working hard this past week and we have some great potential. prepared people are there when you look for them.

This past week we went to Bilbao to a conference and it was great. We are trying to focus on finding more new investigators than ever before in this mission, and last week we found more in a month than ever before and we still have one more week. Pretty crazy. It feels great to see miracles like that in the mission, and usually it always happens when we put down a goal to do something.

I love you all and am thinking about you all. thanks for the love and the support it means a lot. I hope you all have a great week and find the happiness we have everyday. I love you!

Elder Santore


happy fathers day dad!!!!!!

Happy Fathers day dad!!!! I love you and hope it was great!!! thanks for being there for me always, I love you!

this week went well, jjust like the others. We have one week left together in this piso, before one or two of us leaves. Its going to be a sad day but thats just the way the mission works, you love an area and then you leave and learn to love the next place. I love it though, it makes me excited every 6 weeks.

This past week we were visiting a lot of recent converts and just getting to know them better. Everyone has such great stories about the gospel, I love it. We have some great potential coming up this week and we are just really excited to see what happens with the people that we are teaching.

Azdin got baptized last week as well!! it was so good! Elder Caetano baptized him and he was just so happy. You could see a change in him after as well. This entire week he was all excited and happy about the church, He has some good friends here as well which makes things a lot easier to feel invited and welcome. It was just such a miracle for the district, we all never thought he would get baptized, or if he did, he would ge tbaptized in a few years. But no He got his answeer and boom, he is so great.

other than that, im doing great. Im hearing from friends that are getting home and thats pretty weird!!! Crazy how fast things go here. never thought that tthat would even arrive.

I love the mission and now that its getting hot here, i can feel the hard work dripping from my face. haha but its good, it gives us more motivation to teach in peoples home rather than walk around haha.

We get to go to bilbao on wednesday for a conference, i love that place. its so pretty. Ill let you all know how it goes! I love you all and thank you so much for all the support and love!!

Elder Santore


I know that this church is true with all my heart.

Well some great things are going here. Azdin a muslim kid that has been hanging out with us to learn english for about 5 months now has decided to be baptized. The other elders have taught him for the past 5 months and havent really seen any progession with his desires. But a few weeks ago he was just like ok ill try and see if this is true. And then we was reading hte book of mormon and praying and wasnt feeling it and then a few days ago we had a family home evening with a member and the hermanas talked about the spirit and the power of the book of mormon, and he felt the spirit and jsut knew it was true. Well that was a huge miracle and he is being baptized this tuesday! Its an incredible story. I never really thought that could happen but it did!! so nuts!

i love being a missionary, its so fun. Its hard and i have to try and focus all the time because if i dont i start thinking of home and get sad but this has taught me to really just stay in the moment and love where i am, because i know this is never gonna happen again. I got to remember that more. everyday we have is such a blessing and we have to live it more and more and love it everyday. Im learning that slowly but surely here in Spain.

I know that this church is true with all my heart. I pray and I read and I seek the asnwers and they always come. sometimes they take a while and sometimes i overlook the little answers but i always feel like my father in heaven knows me and watches over me. I am honored to be able to talk about that with people here, because its something i hold dear to my heart.

I was reading in Helaman 5 the other day from the book of mormon and i always forget about how crazy that chapter is. Its my all time favorite. We read it with william a recent convert here and he started crying as he was reading. the spirit was so strong. the chapter talks about converting a lot of wicked people in the matter of hours and how their conversion helped their entire people and so on. i remember just feeling a feeling of incredible peace as we read that. It was truly a great experience. and it taught me how i can always notice something different or refeel something in the sciptures. I love that.

I love you all and I hope to hear from you soon. I thank you all for the support and the love that you show me everyday. I dont know what i would do without such great friends and family! I miss you and love you!

Elder Santore


Im sorry i didnt email yesterday, we had to go the hospital with a doctor from the church to see if the hospitals were well run for the missionaries. It went really well but it took a long time so we didnt have much time to do much.

This past week were in vitoria for some zone meeting and than we went to Bilbao for a conference. It was fun, we saw a lot of other misisonaries and learned a lot of great things from President Pace. It was a lot of traveling though, so we were so tired.

We didnt have much going on saturday and we decided to just go out with this list we had of some people that had met with missionaries before and stop by. We were doing that for a long time and then we came across ramiro and pilar, who let us in and asked a lot of questions about what we believed. They were very interested in the Story of Joseph Smith and how God still speaks to his children. we have a another visit with them this week and they have a goal to be baptized the 21 of June. It was incredible. It was a huge miracle and we are very excited to what happens next. Its crazy how those things happen.

it was hermana Mangelsons birthday a week ago so we had a party. IM not sure if i told you or not but it was really fun and we got to eat cake. we also made a sketchy piñata thing and Elder Vickery had to stand on a table and we hung it on an umbrella as he was holding it. Haha he almost got hit a few times but it was all good. Oh ya we went on this amazing hike as well, and we just climbed to a great view where you could see a lot of valley and logroño. it was super pretty. We are going again next weeek with most of the ward as well. Its gonna be great.





Tomorrow im going to barcelona to fill out some paper work so i can stay in the country legally, but everyone does it at the year mark. Im excited, i love going to barcelona. always a good time.

I love you all and hope everything is well. I am doing well and hanging in there, time is still flying by and its trippy.

thanks for everything,
Elder Santore