Im sorry i didnt email yesterday, we had to go the hospital with a doctor from the church to see if the hospitals were well run for the missionaries. It went really well but it took a long time so we didnt have much time to do much.

This past week were in vitoria for some zone meeting and than we went to Bilbao for a conference. It was fun, we saw a lot of other misisonaries and learned a lot of great things from President Pace. It was a lot of traveling though, so we were so tired.

We didnt have much going on saturday and we decided to just go out with this list we had of some people that had met with missionaries before and stop by. We were doing that for a long time and then we came across ramiro and pilar, who let us in and asked a lot of questions about what we believed. They were very interested in the Story of Joseph Smith and how God still speaks to his children. we have a another visit with them this week and they have a goal to be baptized the 21 of June. It was incredible. It was a huge miracle and we are very excited to what happens next. Its crazy how those things happen.

it was hermana Mangelsons birthday a week ago so we had a party. IM not sure if i told you or not but it was really fun and we got to eat cake. we also made a sketchy piñata thing and Elder Vickery had to stand on a table and we hung it on an umbrella as he was holding it. Haha he almost got hit a few times but it was all good. Oh ya we went on this amazing hike as well, and we just climbed to a great view where you could see a lot of valley and logroño. it was super pretty. We are going again next weeek with most of the ward as well. Its gonna be great.





Tomorrow im going to barcelona to fill out some paper work so i can stay in the country legally, but everyone does it at the year mark. Im excited, i love going to barcelona. always a good time.

I love you all and hope everything is well. I am doing well and hanging in there, time is still flying by and its trippy.

thanks for everything,
Elder Santore


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