I know that this church is true with all my heart.

Well some great things are going here. Azdin a muslim kid that has been hanging out with us to learn english for about 5 months now has decided to be baptized. The other elders have taught him for the past 5 months and havent really seen any progession with his desires. But a few weeks ago he was just like ok ill try and see if this is true. And then we was reading hte book of mormon and praying and wasnt feeling it and then a few days ago we had a family home evening with a member and the hermanas talked about the spirit and the power of the book of mormon, and he felt the spirit and jsut knew it was true. Well that was a huge miracle and he is being baptized this tuesday! Its an incredible story. I never really thought that could happen but it did!! so nuts!

i love being a missionary, its so fun. Its hard and i have to try and focus all the time because if i dont i start thinking of home and get sad but this has taught me to really just stay in the moment and love where i am, because i know this is never gonna happen again. I got to remember that more. everyday we have is such a blessing and we have to live it more and more and love it everyday. Im learning that slowly but surely here in Spain.

I know that this church is true with all my heart. I pray and I read and I seek the asnwers and they always come. sometimes they take a while and sometimes i overlook the little answers but i always feel like my father in heaven knows me and watches over me. I am honored to be able to talk about that with people here, because its something i hold dear to my heart.

I was reading in Helaman 5 the other day from the book of mormon and i always forget about how crazy that chapter is. Its my all time favorite. We read it with william a recent convert here and he started crying as he was reading. the spirit was so strong. the chapter talks about converting a lot of wicked people in the matter of hours and how their conversion helped their entire people and so on. i remember just feeling a feeling of incredible peace as we read that. It was truly a great experience. and it taught me how i can always notice something different or refeel something in the sciptures. I love that.

I love you all and I hope to hear from you soon. I thank you all for the support and the love that you show me everyday. I dont know what i would do without such great friends and family! I miss you and love you!

Elder Santore


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