happy fathers day dad!!!!!!

Happy Fathers day dad!!!! I love you and hope it was great!!! thanks for being there for me always, I love you!

this week went well, jjust like the others. We have one week left together in this piso, before one or two of us leaves. Its going to be a sad day but thats just the way the mission works, you love an area and then you leave and learn to love the next place. I love it though, it makes me excited every 6 weeks.

This past week we were visiting a lot of recent converts and just getting to know them better. Everyone has such great stories about the gospel, I love it. We have some great potential coming up this week and we are just really excited to see what happens with the people that we are teaching.

Azdin got baptized last week as well!! it was so good! Elder Caetano baptized him and he was just so happy. You could see a change in him after as well. This entire week he was all excited and happy about the church, He has some good friends here as well which makes things a lot easier to feel invited and welcome. It was just such a miracle for the district, we all never thought he would get baptized, or if he did, he would ge tbaptized in a few years. But no He got his answeer and boom, he is so great.

other than that, im doing great. Im hearing from friends that are getting home and thats pretty weird!!! Crazy how fast things go here. never thought that tthat would even arrive.

I love the mission and now that its getting hot here, i can feel the hard work dripping from my face. haha but its good, it gives us more motivation to teach in peoples home rather than walk around haha.

We get to go to bilbao on wednesday for a conference, i love that place. its so pretty. Ill let you all know how it goes! I love you all and thank you so much for all the support and love!!

Elder Santore



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