not much time, but sending love!

hey I dont have like any time right now but i got a suit today and its beautiful light grey and great! i love it! barcelona is awesome i love it. the people here are amazin and i cant wait to get to know them better!!

Im sorry but we had a lot to do today and we had just no time to write!! next weeek is real transfers so ill talk to you all next week!!! i love you so much!!!

thanks for everything!!

Elder Santore



well some pretty big news. we got a call from President on Friday and he wanted me to come work in Barcelona. So the very next day I had to leave and come to Barcelona. it was a super big bummer because I had no time to say goodbye to nearly anyone. I was in logroño for about 6 months so the relationships i had there were really strong and not being able to say goodbye really hurt me. It just gives me another excuse to go back to them i guess.

But here in barcelona is great. I have always wanted to serve in the big city but when i got here i was a little scared with all the cars and big streets and the metro. I havent ever been so confused about where I am. the chapel here is huge and the ward feels like one from the states because its so big! everything here is bigger, and because i have been smaller cities my whole mission, it makes it even more big.

When i got here on saturday one of the missionaries that we live with told me and the others that he was leaving to sabadell to go see a baptism of his old investigator. sabadell was my first area so i was super excited for him. But then he asked if i wanted to accompany him because he wasnt sure if a member could drive out with him. I was so happy! I got to go see a baptism and see some of my favorite people from my first area! it was incredible! They were all saying wow!!! you speak spanish now!! so weird, feels like yesterday that i was there but it was over a year ago.

But im excited to be here in barc, today we went to the stadium of Barça which is huge! it was really fun and now i have been to the one for real madrid and barca! super interesting. But barca is so much better. some fotos beneath.

Well I love you all and hope you have the greatest week!! I thank you for the support and the letters! means a lot! Love you!

Elder Santore


Slacklining and Gospel lovin

its getting hotter and hotter. Im a little nervous because ill be leaving soon and up here in the north is where its the coolest so going down to barcelona or even valencia would just kill. so we shall see.

But this past week was great. We met with some great people and one lady that we have been teaching as read about 450 pages of the book of mormon in a week. She is absolutely incredible and wants to know if this book is true. She has a ton of doubts and questions but with the way that she is reading and praying there is no doubt in my mind that she we will find her answer. her name is linda and she is from colombia.

We also had interviews wit President yesterday and for that reason we are having our preparation day today. But I love President Pace, he is unreal. Just such a spiritual man and knows how to help in everyway. We were talking for a while to help someone who has so many doubts, and he told me that no matter how many doubts we can have, it all comes down to one question, Is Jesus Christ the head of this Church. because if he is, Joseph Smith was called of God to restore the church and reveal modern revelation for us. So when we talk about peoples doubts, we need to help them resolve them of course but also help them see the deeper doubt and question. And that just makes so much sense. because we are all going to have doubts and concerns one way or another. But really for anyone investigating the church or wanting to strengthen their testimony in a little principle of the gospel, thats the question we need to keep asking and pondering. Is Jesus Christ himself leading this Church?

Me and Elder Cox are doing great. He works really hard and loves to relaz and have funs as well. He is a super tranquilo guy an I love him, and yesterday we were walking around super tired from traveling and not having much just talking to people. I was tired and almost falling alseep and he was like ok cmon we are going for ice cream, and we went and got some ice cream and just chilled for a minute. We talked about the work and how muhc we loved it but how it was hard and how we could do better. we talked about ow we have changed on the mission and it was just super nice. i just wanted to throw that in here because last night it helped me a lot to just take a second and chill and think about things. so many times as missionaries we are always just go go go, talk talk talk and its exhausting and we can forget why we are doing it. But if it was the delicious ice cream or the my kind companion im sure it was a mixture of the two that helped me just calm down for a moment, and see the good in it all and get back and focused. I loved that.

I know this true. I know that what im doing is special and is important to people and to God. I know that he knows us and loves us. And we are his children and he wants us to be happy. I really do know thise things because i have seen the love of god enter into peoples lives that never believed. I have seen the happiness that comes across their faces as they understand the Plan of Salvation. And because of their happiness I am happy and understand more clearly the role of the Savior and his gospel.

I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!!
Elder Santore

fotos of some slacklining and the cathedral in vitoriaDSCF1321


Another week in the life

Well hello there, before i start I must explain a few things that I have felt this past week. As a Piso or three of us, have decided to shave our legs. This experience will be one i never forget. I have become closer to the inner me and can contact in the street 45 times faster. It is unreal.

But for real, it itches and causes strange conversation with members and yet my legs are beautiftul. so its got its pros and cons. I probably wont be doing that again though.

Other than that, we didnt do anything… haha na just kidding. we worked hard this week and we saw some amazing miracles. we have met a lot of new people and have some great things coming this week. The other elderes have a baptism this weekend and thats always the greatest! A baptism week is just filled with amazing miracles and blessings. So we are all just going to work really hard and change some lives.

we have been passing by a lot people that were taught by missionaries and as we do that, we just meet prepared people in the streets or in the pisos of these people. Its amazing, I have really learned that as we just go out and work and be on the move, God can put his children in our path. We are seeing so many blessings from that!

we have this investigator form ecuadir named Miguel and he grew up in the church but isnt sure if he was baptized or not haha, i think he would remember, so im saying no. But he is super great and always has a ton of questions for us and as missionaries we like when they have questions. So we go over there all the time and have great meetings, and we think with a little time and sincere prayer he will start to have some serious desires to come to church and get baptized. the only problem is that he works a lot and cant always come, so we have some things to work out, but nthing is ever perfect.

ASiers family is doing great, they are in the process of throwing out all their alcoholic things and collectables! It was so funny, we went over there to help them set up this table and patricia the wife, was just puting all these unopened wine bottles and rum bottles on the table and saying ya i cant have these in my house as a member anymore. I was so pumped!! they are seriously so amazing, they are preparing to go the temple next year to be sealed as a family for all eternity. we always seem to talk about that and its just such a blessing to hear them speak with such excitement and anixousness!! I love them!

Oh and ya we kinda did forget 4th of july. we didnt do anything, kinda sad.. last year we had a party and it was great but this year we were so busy with things we just didnt even realize. tripped me out when i was the hermanas with red white blue clothes and i was like holy cow, no way.

I love you all and thank you so much for the love and support!! I will talk to you soon and have a great week!!

Les Quiero

Con mucho amor,
Elder Santore

It’s amazing here once again!

Its amazing here in spain once again! I love it so much and I am really freaking out about how fast it is going. But this week we had some big changes. The entire district is different now. My companion is from utah Elder Cox, super good missionary and from the same group as Elder Vickery so they knew eachother pretty well. We still are having a great old time here in logroño though!! im so happy about that!

The hermanas had a baptism last week and it was great. It was a girl from bolivia, her dad is a member in madrid and her mom didnt want her to get baptized until she could really decided for herself. So when she turned 12 the girl, alondra decided she wanted to be baptized and asked her mom and dad if she could. Of course the dad was very happy and the mom as well! It was amazing, I was able to talk to the family about it and hear great stories from the Hermanas, and now the because of the great feeelings that the mom has felt with the hermanas, she and her new husband are taking the lessons and are even talking about baptism as well. They are amazing, the baptismal service was so sweet because all the family came in from madrid and around and it was really spiritiual. A lot of people were crying and just so happy including the non member mom. It was great! and there was some amazing food after well! It was like a perfect service haha.

But im just so happy to be able to see little things like that, where the gospel enters into peoples lives and really blesses them, on a level that they knew could happen. It happens so much.

This week we are working harder to find some new people and we have beeen working really hard with the members and some of their friends so we are excited to see the results from that.

The world cup has been great, the members give us the updates and that is the greatest blessing haha, too bad spain sucked and lost super fast, we all got fake jerseys in the begginning because they won the last one so we assumed we would be hearing a lot of great things… too bad

but estados unidos is coming strong!! thats waht im talking about it!! unce unce!!
Its nearly impossible to not hear about the mundial here in spain or probably any country for that matter. But its like all the kids here talk about it and even the members. Its so funny, i love how into it everyone is, it gets me all pumped to watch futbol when i get home.

Well I know the church is true. I know it because it blesses my life everyday and keeps me happy. It all makes sense to me now, and it can only make more sense as we live the gospel and really strive to be better and when we put forth that effort God can work with us and give us little upon little to strengthen us. I know thats true because i look back a few years ago when i was so confused about things and now, i know why. if we just do the little things, everything makes sense and works.

I love you all and hope you have the greatest day!!!
until next week
Que dios les bendiga

con amor,
Elder Santore