It’s amazing here once again!

Its amazing here in spain once again! I love it so much and I am really freaking out about how fast it is going. But this week we had some big changes. The entire district is different now. My companion is from utah Elder Cox, super good missionary and from the same group as Elder Vickery so they knew eachother pretty well. We still are having a great old time here in logroño though!! im so happy about that!

The hermanas had a baptism last week and it was great. It was a girl from bolivia, her dad is a member in madrid and her mom didnt want her to get baptized until she could really decided for herself. So when she turned 12 the girl, alondra decided she wanted to be baptized and asked her mom and dad if she could. Of course the dad was very happy and the mom as well! It was amazing, I was able to talk to the family about it and hear great stories from the Hermanas, and now the because of the great feeelings that the mom has felt with the hermanas, she and her new husband are taking the lessons and are even talking about baptism as well. They are amazing, the baptismal service was so sweet because all the family came in from madrid and around and it was really spiritiual. A lot of people were crying and just so happy including the non member mom. It was great! and there was some amazing food after well! It was like a perfect service haha.

But im just so happy to be able to see little things like that, where the gospel enters into peoples lives and really blesses them, on a level that they knew could happen. It happens so much.

This week we are working harder to find some new people and we have beeen working really hard with the members and some of their friends so we are excited to see the results from that.

The world cup has been great, the members give us the updates and that is the greatest blessing haha, too bad spain sucked and lost super fast, we all got fake jerseys in the begginning because they won the last one so we assumed we would be hearing a lot of great things… too bad

but estados unidos is coming strong!! thats waht im talking about it!! unce unce!!
Its nearly impossible to not hear about the mundial here in spain or probably any country for that matter. But its like all the kids here talk about it and even the members. Its so funny, i love how into it everyone is, it gets me all pumped to watch futbol when i get home.

Well I know the church is true. I know it because it blesses my life everyday and keeps me happy. It all makes sense to me now, and it can only make more sense as we live the gospel and really strive to be better and when we put forth that effort God can work with us and give us little upon little to strengthen us. I know thats true because i look back a few years ago when i was so confused about things and now, i know why. if we just do the little things, everything makes sense and works.

I love you all and hope you have the greatest day!!!
until next week
Que dios les bendiga

con amor,
Elder Santore


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