well some pretty big news. we got a call from President on Friday and he wanted me to come work in Barcelona. So the very next day I had to leave and come to Barcelona. it was a super big bummer because I had no time to say goodbye to nearly anyone. I was in logroño for about 6 months so the relationships i had there were really strong and not being able to say goodbye really hurt me. It just gives me another excuse to go back to them i guess.

But here in barcelona is great. I have always wanted to serve in the big city but when i got here i was a little scared with all the cars and big streets and the metro. I havent ever been so confused about where I am. the chapel here is huge and the ward feels like one from the states because its so big! everything here is bigger, and because i have been smaller cities my whole mission, it makes it even more big.

When i got here on saturday one of the missionaries that we live with told me and the others that he was leaving to sabadell to go see a baptism of his old investigator. sabadell was my first area so i was super excited for him. But then he asked if i wanted to accompany him because he wasnt sure if a member could drive out with him. I was so happy! I got to go see a baptism and see some of my favorite people from my first area! it was incredible! They were all saying wow!!! you speak spanish now!! so weird, feels like yesterday that i was there but it was over a year ago.

But im excited to be here in barc, today we went to the stadium of Barça which is huge! it was really fun and now i have been to the one for real madrid and barca! super interesting. But barca is so much better. some fotos beneath.

Well I love you all and hope you have the greatest week!! I thank you for the support and the letters! means a lot! Love you!

Elder Santore



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