my companion slipped in dog poop!

Well elder alder left today, went down to valencia! he is gonna love it there!! i miss that place. But now i have Elder Lush, he is from texas but lives in virginia now or something like that. Super good kid and we both have about the same time on the mission. We have some great things going on here and Im super nervous because ive only been for two weeks but im looking forward to the fun that we are going to have here!

We have a baptism this week! its crazy! we were at Church and a member came up to us and said her nephew wants to be baptized. We were pretty excited and willing to do wahtever and she was like ya but he is 8 and wants to get baptized before his 9th birthday which is in a week… We were like what? he wants to get baptized this week then? And so we are meeting with him tomorrow and gonna see what he knows and meet with his parents as well because they say they are fine with it but we need to just make sure. But we are pumped, me met the kid on sunday and he is such a stud. He is from honduras and is seriously the nicest kid in the world! i love him already, he comes to church and everyone loves him and no one knew he wasnt baptized yet or something. Super weird! but we are stoked!

Oh super funny story, Elder alder was walking home last night and he slipped in dog poop and fell dropping his bag in the poop as well!! it was the funniest thing that has ever happened!!! we were dying and elder alder didnt know what just happened, it was nasty and im just so glad it didnt happen to me. but ya that made me laugh for like a few hours today.

I love you all and thank you for the support and the love. I feel it all the time.

Love, Elder Santore


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