Another week in the life. and a good life it is.

Another week in the life. and a good life it is. We are seeing a lot of great things. A kid we are meeting with named Andony is really searching for his answer about the church and he wants to get baptized this week. He is 14 years old and just the coolest kid ever. HIs mom was baptized a long time ago in peru and hasnt been to church in years but one day saw the sister missionaries and contacted them. And now we are teaching them all. I love being able to teach families.

But ya really we have had that and we also played some wiffle ball with daniel the other kid we are teaching. that was super fun, i havent played that in so long it was a great time. We really bonded with him and it was sweeet too because we were playinh up where he lives which has like this awesome view of barcelona. We always have lessons up there and its just super majestic.

life is so good here, the ward is great and we are going to have a talent night in a few months and thats going to be so great for the ward. We are trying to get everyone pumped and excited about it because we lack a little unity here but other than that the ward is perfect, everyone is so nice and supportive of the missionaries. we have some great visits set up to eat this week which is great because we dont know anybody really, we are both still pretty new.

Well I love you all and I know that this message is true. God lives and he loves us. If we go out searching for him really wanting to know he will give us the answers. But we have to work for it not just ask and expect it to come in a silver platter.

love you all!! thanks for everything!!

Elder Santore






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