It is I, Elder Santore

Hello Friends and Family, It is I Elder Santore.

We had a fun filled week last week. We taught and felt the love and just lived it up in Barcelona. We have been meeting more people here in the ward because we are both really new. Its been great because we can just pass by families and say hey we are new, and they let us in and we talk and get to know them and its great. We always have something to do here as missionaries. I love that because in other areas we would struggle and not know what to do in some moments. so being here is a real blessing.

We have another baptism coming up this week of Cesar. He is from peru and is honestly one of the most humble guys in the world. he is still just trying to figure this church thing out and whether its true or not. We are super excited for him though because he is going through some things right now that can really be improved with the church. And he knows that so thats why we think he is really trying to figure this out for sure.

I love you all and thank you all for the love and support!
Elder Santore


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