i love the mission and i love you!

hello again, its been another great week. IM hearing some great things from friends and family and just gotta say to everyone, Good luck in school!! Im taking advantage of no tests and that type of work here because in a few months ill be back there as well.

Last week was a little different, the things we had planned didnt really work out and we had to push back some baptisms because Andony and cesar didnt feel prepared. But good news is that Andony wants to be baptized this week and he is the most prepared kid ever. We were talking the other day and his quiestions were all about deep doctrine and confusing things and we were just like uhhh sorry man, we dont really know the answers to everything, but thats why we have faith haha. But he honestly is amazing. One time after a lesson we asked what he was gooing to go do for the night, thinking he was going out with friends or soemthing, and he said, “Im going to investigate some more of this Book of Mormon” And so he stayed in and read the book of mormon and prayed and searched for his answer! if i was like that when i was 14 things would have been a lot different haha. But man, i was so impressed. Thats why its so great that he is getting baptized because he will be able to progress even more, and help all his family come unto Christ as well.

Well that was a great thing. I feel like the people we teach really teach us. We teach them principles that they have known about already but once they live them they come back to us and just blow us away with their testimonies. Its such a blessing to see people grow like that, because it helps me everyday grow my own testimony.

I love the mission and I love you! The Book of Mormon is true and it testifies of Christ. thats all there is to it. Read it and pray and go out and live the things you read and you will feel a difference. You will feel what every member has felt and talks about as the happiness of their lives. I dont know where i would be without this gospel. It brings happiness and understanding to my life everyday!

I love you all! Thanks for the support and the love! Have a great week and do good in school nerds!

Elder Santore


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