Andoni’s baptism!!

well great thing this week was we had Andoni´s baptism!! it was amazing! a lot of the youth showed up to support him and show their love and friendship for him. It was great, the minute he came to church the first time, all the youth were befriending him and being the greatest missionaries, because really the reason he kept coming back was because he knew he had friends here. Thats the truth of it. It was a great thing to be able to see and be apart of that. He gave his testimony yesterday as well and he said, he knew from the kind and warm spirit he felt the first time he came to the chapel that his life was going to change. And it has, he is the first member of his siblings and his mom hasnt come to church in years and she came to the baptism and the kids as well. She was going through the himn book and you could just see the memories going through her head. It was a great day.

A good thing that happened this week as well was we received a reference from other misisonaries form the other ward. it is a family of 5 from brazil, and they have been to church a lot and are really liking it. They are going to read the book of mormon as a family and we are super excited to be able to work with them, because we had a good visit with them to get to them and find out what they know and they know prety much everything. so we just gotta talk about why this is so important and why its not just some other church but its a truth from god and that really there is a lot more to this than just feeling good on sundays. But as they read the book of mormon as a family they are going to feel that for sure.

Thank you everyone for the support and the love. I know a lot are praying for me and my family and I feel it everyday. I am always amazed about how the heck i got here, but then i realize it wasnt me it was all of the people that were around me helping and praying for me. I am so grateful for that. I love you all.

Have the greatest week!

Elder Santore


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