It makes sense why Nephi is the first story in the book!

Transfers! Me and Elder and Lush are staying here in Barc and Elder Burnett went to Zaragoza, middle of the mission kind of. But are happy still and loving this area, its a big blessing to be here where there are so many people who are ready to hear the gospel. Its incredible for real.

We had the opportunity to work with elder Moreno today and yesterday which was awesome. He was with me in logroño and gandia and he trained Elder Lush so it was a great time. He goes home tomorrow. Saying goodbye to him was a very weird thing, because when i first met him I was in training and he had like 6 months in the mission, so things are flying.

As a mission and stake we are reading the book of mormon to finish the year and I just have been learning a ton. Sometimes I forget how nephi can just go through all this stuff and still be so faithful. It amazes me, and it makes so much sense that he is the first story in the Book, it just gives me strength every time that I read it.

We are working hard with some members now and its awesome because they have been introducing us to their friends and we are seeing some huge things go down. I think Aleida, the aunt of Daniel is inviting nearly all ofher friends to listen to us haha. Its amazing.

I love you all and hope you are having a great time in the states! HAve a great week and love everyone.

Elder Santore

i saw elder caetano and sorensen as well!!

we went slacklining in front of the sagrada familia!




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