if you want more details about the story, write me privately haha.

Well hello friends and family, i never know how to start this emails, so hello

this past week me and elder dean were feeling weirdly sick haha, i laugh because i didnt feel sick but every 30 minutes we find eachother on the toilet… It was a strange experience and strengthened my testimony of being prepared. Because i woke up like an hour early and it was pretty intense haha. But we stayed in and had a day of laughs and crys and everything in between. But its all good because now im feeling way better. I just thought you would all like to know about that, if you want more details about the story, write me privately haha.

This week we had some really great visits with the people we have been teaching. the Brazilian family is moving along and we had a really great visit with them about the Plan of Salvation and how being together as a family is something that we all can have, but we have to do some things to reach that still. A lot of people already believe that so when we tell them about how we can know for sure, it is always a beautiful realization. We invited them to really pray to know and to listen to the spirit after. We shall see how it went, the kids are all so eager to learn more and we noticed the Dad really paying close attention as we were talking as well. thats all it takes, the first desire and curiousity to ask and receive a little and then we keep going.

And we have been working with some members as well with their friends. Its amazing, everytime we go to a members house they always seem to have a friend they have in mind that needs the gospel, its awesome. The ward here is really working.

Well I love you all so much, I love being a missionary, its hard and so much fun. I hope you all have a great week. thanks for the love and the prayers!

Elder Santore


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