We just need to listen and do what’s right

Hey everyone, good week once again. We had some great things happen, for one we received a call from a random number and it was someone that found our card in the street and wanted to change his life! it was crazy, we are gonna visit with him later this week hopefully but man, it was crazy though. such a cool little phone call.

also the brazilian famly came to church this week and we had some other less active people we have been teaching come as well! it is such a good feeling seeing them there and dressed all nice.

Life is going well, sometimes i forget how great it really is and get caught in a routine of doing things without realizing all the great blessings that are all around me. But im trying to be better at that, because when i realize that, i get so much happier and talking to people wherever we are is so much easier. Recently i have been reading in MOsiah about King Benjamins speech and it always just brings me a ton of help and strength. Because sometimes we forget how great our life really is, even if we have problems. We just turn to our Father and learn of him and his perfect love for us and things will always be alright. I enjoy that.

I love you all. I truly appreciate that love and the suport you all give me. I know this is true, everyday my faith grows in my Savior and my Father in HEaven. They love us so much. I just really know they are there helping us everyday, we just need to listen and do whats right.

I love you all,
Elder Santore


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