sing, it gives me strength to face another day

Well transfers are this week and elder lush is leaving for santander, all the way up in the north. Ill miss the guy. we had some great times, its always a strange feeeling saying goodbye to companions because we are together all the time and we get so used to eachother. But thats the mission.

also im sick again, i dunno what happened but i woke yesterday feeling awful and today i have a fever and im just trying to push along, we have to pick up the new companions at the station so ill have to just suck it up but i dont think ill be doing much today besides resting. My new companion is Elder Bartschi, i lived with him in Logroño. IM pretty excited, he is a really nice kid.

We have had some great things going on lately. this area is filled with prepared people and great work. The other day we came back to piso and there was a note from one of our neighbors. it said that we should always sing in the morning because it gives her the strength to face another day. And we sing every morning at 10, it was super cool. just a little note and it made us feel super good.

well things are great, im happy and working hard. hopefully ill be bettter tomorow so we can work.

I love you all, thanks for everything, forteh support and the love!

Elder Santore


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