Life is good, im happy and feeling better every day.

Wow what an incredible weeek. We had an Apostle come and speak to us! It was so great. Elder Cook met with almost all of the Mission on Saturday and talked about planning and building our faith Christ and prayer. It was an incredible experience. We learned a lot and just felt an amazing spirit while he was there. He came to a stake conference as well which took place here in Barcelona so we were able to hear him speak again in the afternoon. What else was great was that a lot of non members came to hear about what he had to say and to receive personal answers to their questions. It was great.

Also I was able to see some of my old companions and other missionaries that I know which was great. Its always a fun renunion seeing them.

Teaching wise this past week we had some great lessons and worked hard to try and find some new peope to teach. We received a lot of help from heaven. The hermanas in our district gave us a reference of a little family and we met with them and it went great. They are super nice and want a little more something in their life. so when they were contacted in the street, they were pleased to invite them over and have them teach them. So we went instead because they live in our area. but it still went great, and we see a lot of faith and true curiosity with them. super nice people.

Thanksgiving, we have a little plan, but we arent too sure of what will happen. a member who always has us over, told us to come over and he make a turkey for us. hahaha sounds great, we said. We still have to call him and see what we need to bring and if he can still do it. But im pretty pumped, last year i got a turkey dinner and maybe this year as well! a lot missionaries dont get so blessed here, so im very grateful.

Well I love you all and hope you have the greatest week and day. thank you for the emails and the love. Life is good, im happy and feeling better every day.

something that Elder Cook told us really impacted me. He said, “there will always be someone who is better than you, and you wont be able to do everything, but the important thing is that you are a disciple of Jesus Christ, and you are to testify of him throughout the world.”

I really loved that, sometimes we really judge ourselves, saying whats the point of trying, ill never teach as well as that missionary, or ill never get Grades like that person. But when we can recognize our purpose as disciples of Jesus Christ, those things become irrevelant and we understand that we can do what we is needed from us with him. We can feel an individual purpose in life and know that we are loved and are watched after and that we reallly do matter. I know thats true, and thats what it meant to me when he said it, it was a very nice thing to hear from an Apostle.

I love you all!
Elder Santore


I love teaching about it, it really is so special and powerful.

Well this week went by pretty fast. The ward here is great, we seem to always have people to visit and things to because of them. I love all of them so much. We had a family home evening with the Ward mission leader last night and it was super fun. We made sushi! It was crazy because we had sushi on saturday as well at an asian buffet with another member family. We dont really get to eat sushi that much and we had two days in a row. Pretty cool.

We also met with Cesar an investigator from paraguay and we had met with him a few weeks ago and it went really well but we havent been able to meet him in a good amount of time, but this past saturday he finally had time and we had a great lesson about Joseph Smith and the Restoration. I love teaching about it, because it really is so special and powerful. The spirit is always so strong during that lesson. Well he was raised kind of in the Church because his grandma would take him to church, but he was never baptized and since he was a kid he had little experiences with the church and the missionaries. So everything we were talking about was ringing a bell to him and he accepted it all and really just remembered learning all about this in primary back in paraguay and wants to continue learning and growing. It was a really powerful experience, because after so many years of being apart of the church he was finally in a situation to really choose for himself if he wanted to stay and continue or not. Well anyway, he set a goal to be baptized with him for the 29 of november. He was just like ya duh, ill do that, i know this is true and i want to learn more and if thats what i need to do to do it, i will. It was just like wow, that was a great answer. He is just super prepared, he works a lot though so hopefully we can meet with him to teach him everything in time.

Things are going great here. Life is good. Its weird preparing for school now and trying to figure out what im going to when i get back, it makes me nervous. But im just trying my hardest to stay focused and really work hard everyday and every moment. The work has been really progressing in the misison and this week we even get to meet with Elder Cook! An Apostle! He is coming for a stake conference and we werent sure if would be able to meet with him but he just said he wants to meet with the missionaries the saturday before! Im super excited! it is always such a blessing to hear from a general authority, and this is an Apostle.

So thats this week, good things are going on and we are feeling a lot better. My companion was feeling sick yesterday but things are going well today. Just feeling grateful for getting over being sick, its no fun.

Well i hope you all are doing great. Thank you so much for the support and the love. I love you all and pray for you all the time.
Que Dios les bendiga y que les vaya muy bien.
Les quiero mucho

Elder Santore

We aren’t just boys on vacation

This week went really well, we taught more people and found a great Dominican man who grew up in Boston. He is super spiritual and met with the missionaries in Boston when he was younger. He was in a part of Barce and saw some hermana missionaries. He stopped them and asked where he could go to church. Turned out he lived in our area and we got his number and set up a visit. We taught about the book of mormon and the restoration and he already knew it all and loved hearing it again. He wants us to teach his family this week and he knows that coming to church is something really important, and told he would come with his whole family… He didnt come but we have another visit with him this week so we arent worried. But it was amazing to meet another very prepared man, they are all over the place it seems.

We had some other great lessons with some investigators that we have been teaching for a while now. The spirit was stronger these past times and i was really hoping that they could open their hearts a little bit more and take the next step or jsut realize the importance of this message. Because if they can feel the importance, they will read and pray to know if its true. Thats the hardest thing to teach, why this is so important and really how much happiness can enter into their lives! I just hope that with time and patience they will come to see that we arent just boys on vacation but we are really here to share a message that will change their lives, if they want it. With time and pray it will all work out .

I love you all so much! Thank you so much for the support and the love.

Elder Santore


HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone! seemed like you all had some great times. As for us in Spain, we dont really see any big celebrations. there are some parties and whatnot and random people dressing up but its nothing like the States. I honestly forgot that it was Halloween until I saw a straggling zombie on the metro and I was like wow thats weird and then i remembered.

other news this week was I was pretty sick for most of it. it really sucked. We had to stay in and just chill and I was sleeping and trying not to lose all of insides to the toilet. But it wasnt working too well. Elder Vogel was sick as well and actually passed out on the metro! that was super trippy! he looked at me and said, “I feel dizzy, im blacking out, CRAP.” i thought that he was joking and then all of a sudden he was falling on the ground. lucklily there was three of us there and he kind of just fell into my arms… pretty romantic. But we dragged him off the metro and sat him down and he was all good. We just had some fevers and he just lost it haha. Looking back on it now, its hilarious, but in the moment I was thinking he was dying and I was freaking out.

Also we had some great visits. We have this investigator named Cesar and we have had trouble meeting with him but we finally we were able to have a great visit with him and talked about baptism and why its so important. He is currently enrolled in some math class and it is taking a lot of time. So we offered to help with his work and tutor him a little. Its great because it is basic algebra and i remember that stuff super well. So I felt all intelligent looking at his hw and thinking dang Ya i know this and that. we are going to teach him a little math every week now so we can meet with him more. He even said that lowering his stress with the math will make it so he can get baptized sooner as well. So obviously we wanted to help.

Well its been an interesting week with being sick and having transfers but we worked hard with what we could and good things came. I was able to read a lot in the scriptures this week which was really great. I was a little behind from where i wanted to be, but now im all caught up. I really love the scriptures. they are something i never understood before the mission but now they are so special to me. they give the extra support and strength in the morning and provide me with the spirit to live everyday remembering what the Savior did for me and how i can live to thank him and honor him. They truly are a treasure in our lives.

I love you all and hope you have the greatest week!
Elder Santore