HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone! seemed like you all had some great times. As for us in Spain, we dont really see any big celebrations. there are some parties and whatnot and random people dressing up but its nothing like the States. I honestly forgot that it was Halloween until I saw a straggling zombie on the metro and I was like wow thats weird and then i remembered.

other news this week was I was pretty sick for most of it. it really sucked. We had to stay in and just chill and I was sleeping and trying not to lose all of insides to the toilet. But it wasnt working too well. Elder Vogel was sick as well and actually passed out on the metro! that was super trippy! he looked at me and said, “I feel dizzy, im blacking out, CRAP.” i thought that he was joking and then all of a sudden he was falling on the ground. lucklily there was three of us there and he kind of just fell into my arms… pretty romantic. But we dragged him off the metro and sat him down and he was all good. We just had some fevers and he just lost it haha. Looking back on it now, its hilarious, but in the moment I was thinking he was dying and I was freaking out.

Also we had some great visits. We have this investigator named Cesar and we have had trouble meeting with him but we finally we were able to have a great visit with him and talked about baptism and why its so important. He is currently enrolled in some math class and it is taking a lot of time. So we offered to help with his work and tutor him a little. Its great because it is basic algebra and i remember that stuff super well. So I felt all intelligent looking at his hw and thinking dang Ya i know this and that. we are going to teach him a little math every week now so we can meet with him more. He even said that lowering his stress with the math will make it so he can get baptized sooner as well. So obviously we wanted to help.

Well its been an interesting week with being sick and having transfers but we worked hard with what we could and good things came. I was able to read a lot in the scriptures this week which was really great. I was a little behind from where i wanted to be, but now im all caught up. I really love the scriptures. they are something i never understood before the mission but now they are so special to me. they give the extra support and strength in the morning and provide me with the spirit to live everyday remembering what the Savior did for me and how i can live to thank him and honor him. They truly are a treasure in our lives.

I love you all and hope you have the greatest week!
Elder Santore


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