We aren’t just boys on vacation

This week went really well, we taught more people and found a great Dominican man who grew up in Boston. He is super spiritual and met with the missionaries in Boston when he was younger. He was in a part of Barce and saw some hermana missionaries. He stopped them and asked where he could go to church. Turned out he lived in our area and we got his number and set up a visit. We taught about the book of mormon and the restoration and he already knew it all and loved hearing it again. He wants us to teach his family this week and he knows that coming to church is something really important, and told he would come with his whole family… He didnt come but we have another visit with him this week so we arent worried. But it was amazing to meet another very prepared man, they are all over the place it seems.

We had some other great lessons with some investigators that we have been teaching for a while now. The spirit was stronger these past times and i was really hoping that they could open their hearts a little bit more and take the next step or jsut realize the importance of this message. Because if they can feel the importance, they will read and pray to know if its true. Thats the hardest thing to teach, why this is so important and really how much happiness can enter into their lives! I just hope that with time and patience they will come to see that we arent just boys on vacation but we are really here to share a message that will change their lives, if they want it. With time and pray it will all work out .

I love you all so much! Thank you so much for the support and the love.

Elder Santore


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