I love teaching about it, it really is so special and powerful.

Well this week went by pretty fast. The ward here is great, we seem to always have people to visit and things to because of them. I love all of them so much. We had a family home evening with the Ward mission leader last night and it was super fun. We made sushi! It was crazy because we had sushi on saturday as well at an asian buffet with another member family. We dont really get to eat sushi that much and we had two days in a row. Pretty cool.

We also met with Cesar an investigator from paraguay and we had met with him a few weeks ago and it went really well but we havent been able to meet him in a good amount of time, but this past saturday he finally had time and we had a great lesson about Joseph Smith and the Restoration. I love teaching about it, because it really is so special and powerful. The spirit is always so strong during that lesson. Well he was raised kind of in the Church because his grandma would take him to church, but he was never baptized and since he was a kid he had little experiences with the church and the missionaries. So everything we were talking about was ringing a bell to him and he accepted it all and really just remembered learning all about this in primary back in paraguay and wants to continue learning and growing. It was a really powerful experience, because after so many years of being apart of the church he was finally in a situation to really choose for himself if he wanted to stay and continue or not. Well anyway, he set a goal to be baptized with him for the 29 of november. He was just like ya duh, ill do that, i know this is true and i want to learn more and if thats what i need to do to do it, i will. It was just like wow, that was a great answer. He is just super prepared, he works a lot though so hopefully we can meet with him to teach him everything in time.

Things are going great here. Life is good. Its weird preparing for school now and trying to figure out what im going to when i get back, it makes me nervous. But im just trying my hardest to stay focused and really work hard everyday and every moment. The work has been really progressing in the misison and this week we even get to meet with Elder Cook! An Apostle! He is coming for a stake conference and we werent sure if would be able to meet with him but he just said he wants to meet with the missionaries the saturday before! Im super excited! it is always such a blessing to hear from a general authority, and this is an Apostle.

So thats this week, good things are going on and we are feeling a lot better. My companion was feeling sick yesterday but things are going well today. Just feeling grateful for getting over being sick, its no fun.

Well i hope you all are doing great. Thank you so much for the support and the love. I love you all and pray for you all the time.
Que Dios les bendiga y que les vaya muy bien.
Les quiero mucho

Elder Santore


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