Life is good, im happy and feeling better every day.

Wow what an incredible weeek. We had an Apostle come and speak to us! It was so great. Elder Cook met with almost all of the Mission on Saturday and talked about planning and building our faith Christ and prayer. It was an incredible experience. We learned a lot and just felt an amazing spirit while he was there. He came to a stake conference as well which took place here in Barcelona so we were able to hear him speak again in the afternoon. What else was great was that a lot of non members came to hear about what he had to say and to receive personal answers to their questions. It was great.

Also I was able to see some of my old companions and other missionaries that I know which was great. Its always a fun renunion seeing them.

Teaching wise this past week we had some great lessons and worked hard to try and find some new peope to teach. We received a lot of help from heaven. The hermanas in our district gave us a reference of a little family and we met with them and it went great. They are super nice and want a little more something in their life. so when they were contacted in the street, they were pleased to invite them over and have them teach them. So we went instead because they live in our area. but it still went great, and we see a lot of faith and true curiosity with them. super nice people.

Thanksgiving, we have a little plan, but we arent too sure of what will happen. a member who always has us over, told us to come over and he make a turkey for us. hahaha sounds great, we said. We still have to call him and see what we need to bring and if he can still do it. But im pretty pumped, last year i got a turkey dinner and maybe this year as well! a lot missionaries dont get so blessed here, so im very grateful.

Well I love you all and hope you have the greatest week and day. thank you for the emails and the love. Life is good, im happy and feeling better every day.

something that Elder Cook told us really impacted me. He said, “there will always be someone who is better than you, and you wont be able to do everything, but the important thing is that you are a disciple of Jesus Christ, and you are to testify of him throughout the world.”

I really loved that, sometimes we really judge ourselves, saying whats the point of trying, ill never teach as well as that missionary, or ill never get Grades like that person. But when we can recognize our purpose as disciples of Jesus Christ, those things become irrevelant and we understand that we can do what we is needed from us with him. We can feel an individual purpose in life and know that we are loved and are watched after and that we reallly do matter. I know thats true, and thats what it meant to me when he said it, it was a very nice thing to hear from an Apostle.

I love you all!
Elder Santore


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