wow what a great week it has been. We have been walking a ton and talking to a lot of people, but things are great. Elder Barney and I are always laughing and telling jokes, which makes the boring situations really fun.

anyway, we have christmas coming up here and we are pumped. We are going over to yerlins house for christmas eve dinner, she is thinking about getting baptized this week also! And then christmas we have no other plans haha, the only other member here left on vacation so we are flying solo christmas. Should be a great experience though, walking through the streets talking to the other people who maybe dont have their family here or just have nowhere to go. I think some cool things will happen.


I love you all and i hope you all have a great christmas! may it be filled with love, laughter and a wonderful spirit!

I know that our savior loves us and now we celebrate his birth and his life! I love how close we feel to him during this season and I hope and pray that all can come unto him and learn to recognize his love throughout our lives. He is there and if we listen we can feel his powerful love. have a wonderful christmas everyone!

con mucho cariño!

Feliz navidad
Bon nadal

Elder Santore


I got to Huesca!!!

first off,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CRISTINA MARIE MCLENNAN!!! If you have a chance let her know she is the coolest today!!! the big 22!!! 11 times 2!!!! have the greatest day!!! you deserve it!!

Well its been a fun week. I got to Huesca and met my companion and we became like best friends super fast. We are always laughing and having a good time, and thats just such a blessing because here all we do is knock doors and talk in the street for hours withn people. haha its interesting, because usually we have members to visit or other people but here its not that way. We had church yesterday and we had the one member come, 2 investigators, and a member from the niehgboring city to give a talk. I got to bless, pass and prepare the sacrement, which was awesome. I hadnt done that in a long time. My companion gave a talk, i conducted, and then I gave the gospel principles class haha. and next week we will switch things around. Its super fun though, really special. Its a completely different experience. Coming from barcelona where the chapel is bigger than godzilla to here where we rent out a little business room for two hours.

But right when we started talking and working around the small town, i just felt good. I knew this was where i needed to be. I dont know why, but it was a good thing knowing that i am where the Lord wants me to be. We have seen some pretty amazing things already as well. One of the people that we teach, like the only one, has agreed to have a baptismal goal for the 27 of this month. She comes to church and we meet with her everyday. She is awesome. She isnt completely sure but she wants to follow Christ and found out for herself, so having the goal is key to help her receive the answer. We are super excited.

I hope you all have the greatest day and are having a great christmas season with those you love and who love you! I love you all!

Con amor,
Elder Santore

thats the chapel


remember why we celebrate this beautiful holiday, when we do that, we feel an even greater love with our families and friends

Welll transfers came and I am out of Barcelona. I was pretty bummed because i wanted to have christmas here with the people I know but i am excited to see a new area, probably my last… super weird. Im going to Huesca up north kind of. And its pretty interesting because it was just opened about 6 months ago and there isnt a ward or a branch. Just a few members and less actives. So ill be speaking a lot in church i think haha. Im pretty excited about it, i have never been in an area like this before, so we shall see what its like.

This week was awesome, we said goodbye to a lot of families and it was hard but i felt great peace knowing i would see them again sometime. Also because before we go home, we have a few days in barce and so i can pass by some of the people in the ward again. Im excited for that.

Other than those things i cant really think of anything else that happened. we have been sharing the He is the gift video with everyone we meet with and it brings a great Spirit. I really love the way the Church is becoming so involved in the technology.

well, enjoy the beginnings of the christmas season and remember why we celebrate this beautiful holiday, when we do that, we feel an even greater love with our families and friends. I love you all and hope you have the greatest day!

Elder ¨Guapísmo¨ Santore

andony´s family and daniels family giving me a japanese goodbye haha






I know a happiness that will never end, and for that I will forever be grateful.

First off I just wanted to share that video with those who maybe havent seen it. What a great way to start off Christmas. I love this season, here in spain they set up lights around the cities and its absolutely beautiful, last night it was pouring rain and we were passing by some people in the rain, and usually that can be a hard time but with the lights in the street and cool reflections, i had a good time walking around being wet. luckily i brought my umbrella though.

Also, Congratulations to Brady and Mary!! they got married last week. Probably the best looking brunette couple there is, hahha. Hope it was a good wedding, thanks for having it while i was away too… just know. I forgive you. love you both

This past week went really well, we had some great visits and got to know some members better as well. I love getting to know the members, it seems everyone has an amazing story about finding the church or coming to know that it is true. We had thanksgiving dinner with a family from Catalunya and they made us a well known spanish soup, and we all said what we were thankful for after the meal. It wasnt the same as the turkey but it was a cool substitute. But good news is, that the following day we had a turkey dinner with a another family where the father is from Utah and the mother from spain. So we had a great turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy. It was amazing. needless to say we were very very thankful for the amazing dinners that we had.

We were also able to share what we were thankful for with the second family, and its great to hear how everyone is grateful for family and the Gospel. Because thats what im thankful for as well. I am so grateful for the example and the love of my parents. I am grateful for my brother and sisters and their love and support in everything that I do. I am so thankful to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to know that my Father in Heaven listens to me and loves me. i know a happiness that will never end, and for that I will forever be grateful.

I love you all, and I hope you have the greatest week and start to the Christmas season.

con mucho cariño,

Elder Santore

pics from monsterrat, a church in the mountains near barcelona