I got to Huesca!!!

first off,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CRISTINA MARIE MCLENNAN!!! If you have a chance let her know she is the coolest today!!! the big 22!!! 11 times 2!!!! have the greatest day!!! you deserve it!!

Well its been a fun week. I got to Huesca and met my companion and we became like best friends super fast. We are always laughing and having a good time, and thats just such a blessing because here all we do is knock doors and talk in the street for hours withn people. haha its interesting, because usually we have members to visit or other people but here its not that way. We had church yesterday and we had the one member come, 2 investigators, and a member from the niehgboring city to give a talk. I got to bless, pass and prepare the sacrement, which was awesome. I hadnt done that in a long time. My companion gave a talk, i conducted, and then I gave the gospel principles class haha. and next week we will switch things around. Its super fun though, really special. Its a completely different experience. Coming from barcelona where the chapel is bigger than godzilla to here where we rent out a little business room for two hours.

But right when we started talking and working around the small town, i just felt good. I knew this was where i needed to be. I dont know why, but it was a good thing knowing that i am where the Lord wants me to be. We have seen some pretty amazing things already as well. One of the people that we teach, like the only one, has agreed to have a baptismal goal for the 27 of this month. She comes to church and we meet with her everyday. She is awesome. She isnt completely sure but she wants to follow Christ and found out for herself, so having the goal is key to help her receive the answer. We are super excited.

I hope you all have the greatest day and are having a great christmas season with those you love and who love you! I love you all!

Con amor,
Elder Santore

thats the chapel



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