wow what a great week it has been. We have been walking a ton and talking to a lot of people, but things are great. Elder Barney and I are always laughing and telling jokes, which makes the boring situations really fun.

anyway, we have christmas coming up here and we are pumped. We are going over to yerlins house for christmas eve dinner, she is thinking about getting baptized this week also! And then christmas we have no other plans haha, the only other member here left on vacation so we are flying solo christmas. Should be a great experience though, walking through the streets talking to the other people who maybe dont have their family here or just have nowhere to go. I think some cool things will happen.


I love you all and i hope you all have a great christmas! may it be filled with love, laughter and a wonderful spirit!

I know that our savior loves us and now we celebrate his birth and his life! I love how close we feel to him during this season and I hope and pray that all can come unto him and learn to recognize his love throughout our lives. He is there and if we listen we can feel his powerful love. have a wonderful christmas everyone!

con mucho cariño!

Feliz navidad
Bon nadal

Elder Santore


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