We all are different, and we all add a special something to the world

Well hello again!

Great week. Nothing crazy going on, but still good week. Met some new people and taught some great things. Just feeling good.

This message is true and i know that. I would have come home a long time ago if i didnt know that. Everyday i learn something new and i grow. Sometimes i think about how i wish i was changing more or i wish i was better than i am, and then i think of my prayers at night and those sweeet little moments of peace. I seem to always forget about the little things that i never noticed before the mission. I dont know if i have really changed who i am, but my relationship wih my Father in Heaven has changed a ton. And i guess that means that i have changed. I cant really remember anything to write specifcally this week so im just writing what i was thinking throughout this past week. It made me really happy though. It was a little reminder that we all are different, and we all add a special something to the world, and helping people realize that truth is a huge point of why we come out here as missionaries. this message isnt just abou coming to church or not doing drugs its about realizing your true potential and knowing how to always feel loved and cared about. I think thats the one thing people dont realize or just never think about. We have a loving Father in Heaven and he wants us to be happy. People, myself included, just sometimes think that we aren’t worth that, but really we are.

I love you all and I know God loves you all. He listens to us and he speaks to us. My biggest goal in life is to always be worthy enough to hear him and follow him and his Son Jesus Christ. I know they love us, I know they live.

Have a great week and dont forget the power of prayer.

Elder Santore


The Lord is preparing people

Well we had some great things go on this week!

Number one, we were finally able to hear Yerlin pray in front of her mom. she was always embarrased before and never did it, and after being a little annoying about it for a few weeks she finally did it! It was awesome, and her mom liked it a lot. That was a little cool thing that happened.

Another thing is we visited some members that live here in huesca and they want to come back to church. Cool visit yesterday, the mom started to cry and talk about she remembers going to church with her family when she was a kid and how good she felt. She remembers everything aBOUT the church, just needs to return. Some things have happened in her life and now she feels ready and guided to return. It was awesome being able to see how the lord is preparing people. She has two kids who arent baptized and she wants thwm to be part of the church. We are excited to see what happens with all of that.

Oh transfers happened as well. Elder barney and I are staying the same. so thats good. pumped about it, we get along really well and we have some great things going on here, so this transfer is going to be a good one.

well i love you all, hope everything is going well whereever you all are.


Elder Santore

We got a phone!!!

Well we has lost our phone about two weeks ago and we had been working for that time without communication. Needless to say, its been rough and to add to that, we are in huesca where communication with the outside wards is nessecary because we need to give informes and also talk the people here. It was rough and we spent some extra money in locoturios using public phones but now we have our own phone! Its a blessing

Lourdes the mother of Yerlin has decided to accept a baptismal date! It is so cool to see the change in people. Before she was so opposed to it! but after the baptism of her daughter and feeling the beautiful spirit in Church countless times she has decided to act and see if she receives her answer!! We are so excited for her! She is still iffy, but the fact that she had accepted a fecha is saying a lot about her desire and no doubt that God will appreciate that as well and give her the needed answer to continue.

That was the big part of last week, and Elder barney and I were just so pumped! so i hope you all as well!

I love you all and I know that God loves you! I hope everything is going well back home and that we can all recognize the little blessings from everyday life!

Elder Santore

Great week again!

great week again.

nothing crazy new happened. Working hard in Huesca. We lost our phone so things have been a little diffiuclt but we should have one this week. we helped yerlin and her mom lourdes move and they gave us a sword and dagger that they found in their piso. So that was awesome.

Life is good. Work is hard and rewarding. We walk and talk and do that more and more. but each day something good happens, whether we find someone, someone we teach finally gets it, or in our hearts our testimony grows. Each day offers something different and rewarding. thats something that i have really learned here. I know that when we do what we are supposed to, God is able to fulfill his promises. I know that Christ is our savior. I know that with him we can do all things. Life is hard and frustrating when we forget that. But if we can always remember why we are here, life wont stop being hard but i have noticed more good times and smiles will start to appear. Ill always be grateful for those good times and even the hard times to help me grow and appreciate the great times.

I love you all, i hope you have a great day and a better week. thanks for the prayers and for the love. Sending it your way too.

Elder Santore

It was a great Christmas!!

It was a great Christmas!! seeing the family and Cristina was awesome! it always is such a blessing to see and hear from them.

We went down to Zaragoza after a great dinner with Yerlin and her mom, and in Zaragoza we spent the night and had a fun christmas breakfast with the missionaries there and then went ice skating! it was a blast, but we all had some intense falls and the next few days we were all super sore. it was difficult to get out of bed the next morning but after a few stretches and prayers, it was all fine.

Then two days after, we had the baptism of Yerlin! it was fantastic. We had to leave early to get to zaragoza and we were a little worried about getting everything set up because we dont know much about the chapel in the different city. But it went great, the other elderes were there helping and a bunch of other members came to support Yerlin. It worked out perfectly, and yerlin said she felt really calm and happy. And her mother loved it as well! she is a saint and was really supportive of Yerlin and came to church on sunday when she was confirmed and loved that as well. There are a lot of great things coming up here, espcially with this little family.

Another crazy miracle was having so many people in church yesterday! there were like 25! we hardly had room. It was amazing, the stake president came and the secretary plus some other members from zaragoza! it was a great sunday. And we had a meeting afterwards with the stake president and that went really well! WE talked about the work here and how we see a lot of future success. He does as well so we are all pretty excited.

Well have a happy new year and good rest of vacations! i love you all and hope everything is going super well!!

Elder Santore