Great week again!

great week again.

nothing crazy new happened. Working hard in Huesca. We lost our phone so things have been a little diffiuclt but we should have one this week. we helped yerlin and her mom lourdes move and they gave us a sword and dagger that they found in their piso. So that was awesome.

Life is good. Work is hard and rewarding. We walk and talk and do that more and more. but each day something good happens, whether we find someone, someone we teach finally gets it, or in our hearts our testimony grows. Each day offers something different and rewarding. thats something that i have really learned here. I know that when we do what we are supposed to, God is able to fulfill his promises. I know that Christ is our savior. I know that with him we can do all things. Life is hard and frustrating when we forget that. But if we can always remember why we are here, life wont stop being hard but i have noticed more good times and smiles will start to appear. Ill always be grateful for those good times and even the hard times to help me grow and appreciate the great times.

I love you all, i hope you have a great day and a better week. thanks for the prayers and for the love. Sending it your way too.

Elder Santore


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