It was a great Christmas!!

It was a great Christmas!! seeing the family and Cristina was awesome! it always is such a blessing to see and hear from them.

We went down to Zaragoza after a great dinner with Yerlin and her mom, and in Zaragoza we spent the night and had a fun christmas breakfast with the missionaries there and then went ice skating! it was a blast, but we all had some intense falls and the next few days we were all super sore. it was difficult to get out of bed the next morning but after a few stretches and prayers, it was all fine.

Then two days after, we had the baptism of Yerlin! it was fantastic. We had to leave early to get to zaragoza and we were a little worried about getting everything set up because we dont know much about the chapel in the different city. But it went great, the other elderes were there helping and a bunch of other members came to support Yerlin. It worked out perfectly, and yerlin said she felt really calm and happy. And her mother loved it as well! she is a saint and was really supportive of Yerlin and came to church on sunday when she was confirmed and loved that as well. There are a lot of great things coming up here, espcially with this little family.

Another crazy miracle was having so many people in church yesterday! there were like 25! we hardly had room. It was amazing, the stake president came and the secretary plus some other members from zaragoza! it was a great sunday. And we had a meeting afterwards with the stake president and that went really well! WE talked about the work here and how we see a lot of future success. He does as well so we are all pretty excited.

Well have a happy new year and good rest of vacations! i love you all and hope everything is going super well!!

Elder Santore


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