The Lord is preparing people

Well we had some great things go on this week!

Number one, we were finally able to hear Yerlin pray in front of her mom. she was always embarrased before and never did it, and after being a little annoying about it for a few weeks she finally did it! It was awesome, and her mom liked it a lot. That was a little cool thing that happened.

Another thing is we visited some members that live here in huesca and they want to come back to church. Cool visit yesterday, the mom started to cry and talk about she remembers going to church with her family when she was a kid and how good she felt. She remembers everything aBOUT the church, just needs to return. Some things have happened in her life and now she feels ready and guided to return. It was awesome being able to see how the lord is preparing people. She has two kids who arent baptized and she wants thwm to be part of the church. We are excited to see what happens with all of that.

Oh transfers happened as well. Elder barney and I are staying the same. so thats good. pumped about it, we get along really well and we have some great things going on here, so this transfer is going to be a good one.

well i love you all, hope everything is going well whereever you all are.


Elder Santore


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