We all are different, and we all add a special something to the world

Well hello again!

Great week. Nothing crazy going on, but still good week. Met some new people and taught some great things. Just feeling good.

This message is true and i know that. I would have come home a long time ago if i didnt know that. Everyday i learn something new and i grow. Sometimes i think about how i wish i was changing more or i wish i was better than i am, and then i think of my prayers at night and those sweeet little moments of peace. I seem to always forget about the little things that i never noticed before the mission. I dont know if i have really changed who i am, but my relationship wih my Father in Heaven has changed a ton. And i guess that means that i have changed. I cant really remember anything to write specifcally this week so im just writing what i was thinking throughout this past week. It made me really happy though. It was a little reminder that we all are different, and we all add a special something to the world, and helping people realize that truth is a huge point of why we come out here as missionaries. this message isnt just abou coming to church or not doing drugs its about realizing your true potential and knowing how to always feel loved and cared about. I think thats the one thing people dont realize or just never think about. We have a loving Father in Heaven and he wants us to be happy. People, myself included, just sometimes think that we aren’t worth that, but really we are.

I love you all and I know God loves you all. He listens to us and he speaks to us. My biggest goal in life is to always be worthy enough to hear him and follow him and his Son Jesus Christ. I know they love us, I know they live.

Have a great week and dont forget the power of prayer.

Elder Santore


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