change is always a good thing, sometimes hard but always worth trying.

GOod good week. We had an intercambio, i went with Elder Burnett who i lived with in barcelona, so we had a great time. Sometimes intercambios can be a bit awkward because you dont know them, but when you get to work with an old friends again, its awesome. So that was a great time, we stayed in huesca so we just caught up in the streets and had some great visits with some contacts. It was a good time.

Bobby has disappeared again haha. We can only see him every once in a while on the weekends, so we shall what happens in the future. But we have good hopes and the faith it will all work out soon.

Things are still going well though. We are working hard and seeing growth little by little. We have to do some things different, but thats whats so good about the mission. It teaches you how to change things to be better, and thats what the gospel teaches us as well no? change is always a good thing, sometimes hard but always worth trying.

I love you all and hope you are all doing well. thanks for the prayers and the love!

Elder Santore


Things are going well. Im really happy to be here.

Good week. It wasnt a super fast week, but we had some good things happen. Bobby came back from work and he was able to talk about the baptism more. Hopefully it will happen in two weeks now. The thing is that he works a lot so that makes it difficult. But it was great to be able to meet with him this past week because we worried about him, but he was just really busy with work and stuff.

Things are going well. Im really happy to be here. I love the work and being here in huesca, sometimes its a little weird being without a lot of members but the members that we have make it worth it. We are very blessed to know the people that are here. I learn a lot from them.

We were also blessed to meet a great group of friends from Nicargua who seem really interested in learning more about the Book of Mormon. So that is always a good thing.

Well I love you all a lot. Thanks for the prayers and the Love! I feel it everyday.

have a great week everyone.

Elder Santore

Having Faith is so important to have miracles happen in your life!

Good week, we didnt have too much time in our area because we had a two day conference and then I had to go to Barcelone as well to finish up some residency stuff. But it was cool being back in Barcelona, I miss that place, huesca is sooooo small compared to it, its crazy.

We ended up not being able to see a bunch of investigators but it was ok because we visited with Yerlin and Veronica a lot and there are the best. They are the two recent converts here in huesca and are just the greatest people. We are talking to yerlin about going to the temple and getting prepared. We have to see when there is a bus going down so she can go with the rest of the branch down in Zaragoza. It will be awesome!

Every conference we learn a ton and this conference was no difference. We discussed a lot about having faith, something that as missionaries we truly need all the time. But it was perfect because sometimes its the thing that i lack the most. Having Faith is so important to have miracles happen in your life!
We also talked about how all the prophets always had incredible problems! sometimes we forget that and think it must have been so easy for them, they knew everything perfectly! but really they had bigger problems than we do and they continued on with a faith stronger than anything. and when they did that, they were blessed with miracles and then later on had more problems. It was a nice little reminder to me, that problems are going to be there, but its my choice how to react and who to have faith in.

Well i love you all! thanks for Birthday Wishes! you are all in my prayers!

Elder Santore

super crazy miracle

Going well here in Huesca! Thanks for all the birthday wishes!! downs feel like i am as old as i am and doesn’t feel like i am as mature as a 22 year old should be haha, oh well. But thank you all for the great wishes and emails, means a lot.

We had a super crazy miracle happen this past week. We have been passing by this man named bobby for some time and finally we were able to find him in piso. Well turns out he doesn’t have work for the next few months and we can meet with him like everyday. He wanted to be baptized before but we couldn’t meet with him because he was always working. Now he has a baptismal date for the 14 of this month and he brought his wife to church yesterday and they have two kids that they want to come as well! Super crazy! we were so pumped!

Besides that, things are still going great. We found a lot of new people this week and are just working hard. I get to go to barcelona tomorrow to pick up my residency card, so im excited to be back in my old area. Maybe ill see someone i know, that would be awesome.

The church is true people. Just read and pray and think about it. your mind will be enlightened and you will feel a great peace and joy. Its real. I know it.

I love you all. thanks for everything! you are the best.

Love, Elder Santore

also im emailing from an apple store hahah, its free until they say something…

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