Having Faith is so important to have miracles happen in your life!

Good week, we didnt have too much time in our area because we had a two day conference and then I had to go to Barcelone as well to finish up some residency stuff. But it was cool being back in Barcelona, I miss that place, huesca is sooooo small compared to it, its crazy.

We ended up not being able to see a bunch of investigators but it was ok because we visited with Yerlin and Veronica a lot and there are the best. They are the two recent converts here in huesca and are just the greatest people. We are talking to yerlin about going to the temple and getting prepared. We have to see when there is a bus going down so she can go with the rest of the branch down in Zaragoza. It will be awesome!

Every conference we learn a ton and this conference was no difference. We discussed a lot about having faith, something that as missionaries we truly need all the time. But it was perfect because sometimes its the thing that i lack the most. Having Faith is so important to have miracles happen in your life!
We also talked about how all the prophets always had incredible problems! sometimes we forget that and think it must have been so easy for them, they knew everything perfectly! but really they had bigger problems than we do and they continued on with a faith stronger than anything. and when they did that, they were blessed with miracles and then later on had more problems. It was a nice little reminder to me, that problems are going to be there, but its my choice how to react and who to have faith in.

Well i love you all! thanks for Birthday Wishes! you are all in my prayers!

Elder Santore


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