i can smile and have genuine conversation with them and we both come out of that happy and feeling good.

Well hello there all, another good week coming from huesca!

Elder Contreras and I are doing great and just working hard. He is fantastic, we get a long great. Super fun, super chill and a really hard worker as well. Cant ask for more than that!

Some things this past week were we met with a very nice woman whose mom is a member and she just was the nicest to us. Always a great thing to meet a genuine nice person. But we went with her to visit her mother in the hospital and read some scriptures with them, her mom cant really speak back but she was happy missionaries came by, it had been a while since she had contact with the church, so it was a cool thing.

Life is doing good, we played some frisbee today and slacklined in Zaragoza, great time, but elder contreras rolled his ankle pretty bad which sucks.

Other than that, we did a lot of walking, a lot of talking. It was a good week. Looking back on it i felt like we worked hard. in the middle of the week, i was feeling a little down after being here for a while and not seeing much. you know after doing the same thing over and over again, it can get pretty boring and tiring, espeicially when that involves walking around all day every day without much immediate success. But every time i think like that, i say a little prayer and i always feel better. I know i probably wont change the whole city of huesca but if i can make someone feel good in the day i would be happy. Maybe they dont want to listen, but i can smile and have genuine conversation with them and we both come out of that happy and feeling good. I dont always recognize those little moments, but when i am feeling really down and tired, they always seem to appear way more.

Well i love you all very much, read the book of the mormon and pray about it. Thats an invitation of a lifetime. It will make you so happy, i promise.

thank you for everything!

Elder Santore


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