what is missionary work without a few days of rain

Crazy week, we taughta ton of lessons. We met some great people and had some crazy miracles happen. First one was when we had a visit that canceled on us and we were pretty bummed, but then we heard someone saying elderes elders! we dont hear that very much here. Well turns out it was a member from brazil visiting her father in huesca! She came to church with us and then we went to visit her father who is in a residency. It was awesome because he had no idea that the church was in Huesca and now he wants to come. He worked in the temple in Brazil for 18 years and was a bishop there and everything! Just settled here in HUesca thinking that the Church was far away. It was a crazy miracle we were even out when we were to meet his daughter and hopefully we will able to meet with the man more and more during the week.

Its been raining a ton this week. Since friday or thursday its been going pretty much non stop. Makes life pretty hard as a missionary especially in Huesca when all we do is talk to people outside. So we knocked a few buildings and tried passing the by some people we already knew, but it was a rough end of the week. A lot of people canceled and we were left with getting soaked in the streets, but then again, what is missionary work without a few days of rain.

things are going well still, pretty slow but well. With this new member we met, we hope to see more good, seeing how he has a another daughter who lives nearby. Who knows, maybe this is the beginning of something big.

I love you all and hope you are all having a great week.

Elder Santore


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