he lives! Im so grateful!

Feeling good and happy entering into another week here in Huesca. Life has been great here. We went down to zaragoza yesterday and had branch conference with the stake leaders. It was a fantastic feeling to be back in a chapel with more than 100 members to sit with and talk to. It felt like a weird dream being at a “normal” church setting again. I cant imagine what it will be like in the States.

Cool little miracle of the week was we were walking and talking to some people, like usual. And then a man stopped us and acted as if he knew me from way back when. turns out he met with the missionaries before in huesca and thought i was one of them. Well we taught him a little but and he wanted to meet with us more. we were talking for hours with people who didnt want anything and then he talked to us and wanted us to visit him. Its become an amusing thing seeing how hard work really does pay off and recognizing little blessings along the way.

I love you all! thanks for the love and the support!

Elder Santore



he lives! Im so grateful! What a beautiful truth we have!


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