Semana Santa

hey how are we doing! I guess i will see you all next week!! crazy stuff!

well great week! easter was a blast and here in huesca there was parades and big celebrations. Its a little strange the way they celebrate because all the people are dressed up in costumes which for americans look a bit like kkk suits but i think they were started up here i guess before any of that occurred. Look up Semana Santa in google images and you will see what i mean haha.

Conference was amazing! I was only able to see the saturday sessions and that was awesome! it was the first time in my mission that i had to watch it in spanish! it was weird. haha funny, my last one and i hadnt watched in spanish my whole mission! i loved the talk by Elder Bednar about fear, it made me feel super good and i loved it!

Sorry im writing rreally fast, because we went to a castle and got back late! So i will write the better last email next week!

I love you all! God lives! He loves us! I know it and i feel it everyday!

have a graet week!

Elder Santore


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