Elder Guapisimo Santore comes home.

well here we are! its coming to an end. It feels weird and strange to think about. I swear i was just starting in madrid! But here i am. Sorry i didn’t write earlier in the week. I was in barcelona for my last few days and we were so busy with visiting some people i met while serving there and i was able to go out and work with my old companion Elder Vickery! He was one of my absolute favorites as well! So that was a great blessing.

Leaving Huesca was hard. we were truly a family there. I mean there was only like 5 of us so it wasn’t even bigger than my family but that just means we would be even closer! Saying goodbye was hard. But ill see everyone again someday.

I have no idea what i am feeling right now. IM so happy to be going home. But I’m so sad that its over. having dinner with the other missionaries leaving last night was so weird. the mixture of emotion was intense. There were so many tears and incredible testimonies and stories shared and the overall excitement of seeing loved ones was all around. But as we sang our last hymn together in the mission home, not a single one of us wasn’t teary eyed and sniffling up. It was truly an incredible night and few days here in spain

It’s all true. Jesus Christ lives and died for us. He loves us and guides us through prophet of God. Pray works. God listens to every prayer and knows us all perfectly!!! The Book of Mormon is true. Just have to read it and pray about it. I know it’s true.

I love you and can’t wait to see you!!!!

Love elder guapisimo santore


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