Elder Guapisimo Santore comes home.

well here we are! its coming to an end. It feels weird and strange to think about. I swear i was just starting in madrid! But here i am. Sorry i didn’t write earlier in the week. I was in barcelona for my last few days and we were so busy with visiting some people i met while serving there and i was able to go out and work with my old companion Elder Vickery! He was one of my absolute favorites as well! So that was a great blessing.

Leaving Huesca was hard. we were truly a family there. I mean there was only like 5 of us so it wasn’t even bigger than my family but that just means we would be even closer! Saying goodbye was hard. But ill see everyone again someday.

I have no idea what i am feeling right now. IM so happy to be going home. But I’m so sad that its over. having dinner with the other missionaries leaving last night was so weird. the mixture of emotion was intense. There were so many tears and incredible testimonies and stories shared and the overall excitement of seeing loved ones was all around. But as we sang our last hymn together in the mission home, not a single one of us wasn’t teary eyed and sniffling up. It was truly an incredible night and few days here in spain

It’s all true. Jesus Christ lives and died for us. He loves us and guides us through prophet of God. Pray works. God listens to every prayer and knows us all perfectly!!! The Book of Mormon is true. Just have to read it and pray about it. I know it’s true.

I love you and can’t wait to see you!!!!

Love elder guapisimo santore


Semana Santa

hey how are we doing! I guess i will see you all next week!! crazy stuff!

well great week! easter was a blast and here in huesca there was parades and big celebrations. Its a little strange the way they celebrate because all the people are dressed up in costumes which for americans look a bit like kkk suits but i think they were started up here i guess before any of that occurred. Look up Semana Santa in google images and you will see what i mean haha.

Conference was amazing! I was only able to see the saturday sessions and that was awesome! it was the first time in my mission that i had to watch it in spanish! it was weird. haha funny, my last one and i hadnt watched in spanish my whole mission! i loved the talk by Elder Bednar about fear, it made me feel super good and i loved it!

Sorry im writing rreally fast, because we went to a castle and got back late! So i will write the better last email next week!

I love you all! God lives! He loves us! I know it and i feel it everyday!

have a graet week!

Elder Santore

he lives! Im so grateful!

Feeling good and happy entering into another week here in Huesca. Life has been great here. We went down to zaragoza yesterday and had branch conference with the stake leaders. It was a fantastic feeling to be back in a chapel with more than 100 members to sit with and talk to. It felt like a weird dream being at a “normal” church setting again. I cant imagine what it will be like in the States.

Cool little miracle of the week was we were walking and talking to some people, like usual. And then a man stopped us and acted as if he knew me from way back when. turns out he met with the missionaries before in huesca and thought i was one of them. Well we taught him a little but and he wanted to meet with us more. we were talking for hours with people who didnt want anything and then he talked to us and wanted us to visit him. Its become an amusing thing seeing how hard work really does pay off and recognizing little blessings along the way.

I love you all! thanks for the love and the support!

Elder Santore



he lives! Im so grateful! What a beautiful truth we have!

what is missionary work without a few days of rain

Crazy week, we taughta ton of lessons. We met some great people and had some crazy miracles happen. First one was when we had a visit that canceled on us and we were pretty bummed, but then we heard someone saying elderes elders! we dont hear that very much here. Well turns out it was a member from brazil visiting her father in huesca! She came to church with us and then we went to visit her father who is in a residency. It was awesome because he had no idea that the church was in Huesca and now he wants to come. He worked in the temple in Brazil for 18 years and was a bishop there and everything! Just settled here in HUesca thinking that the Church was far away. It was a crazy miracle we were even out when we were to meet his daughter and hopefully we will able to meet with the man more and more during the week.

Its been raining a ton this week. Since friday or thursday its been going pretty much non stop. Makes life pretty hard as a missionary especially in Huesca when all we do is talk to people outside. So we knocked a few buildings and tried passing the by some people we already knew, but it was a rough end of the week. A lot of people canceled and we were left with getting soaked in the streets, but then again, what is missionary work without a few days of rain.

things are going well still, pretty slow but well. With this new member we met, we hope to see more good, seeing how he has a another daughter who lives nearby. Who knows, maybe this is the beginning of something big.

I love you all and hope you are all having a great week.

Elder Santore

get out and push

Well this past week we had a big conference with the barcelona zones and an are seventy! it was awesome. His name is Elder Ollson i think, and his is from Sweden. It was amazing to see so many new missionaries too, a few months ago i felt like i knew the whole mission and then being around so many new missionaries i felt like the outcast haha. It was a strange feeling. But eh conference was amazing, just a bunch of great advic on how to work with members and follow the Spirit. it was funny though because it was focused on working with the members and here in huesca we dont have that option like in most areas. So me and Elder Contreras were laughing to ourselves during some parts. But over all it was fantastic, i came away learning some great things. Funny story about brigham young when he and someone else were travleing and the wagon got stuck, the man asked if they should pray and Brigham young said,

” Pray? I prayed this morning, lets get out and push.”

hahaha it was awesome! i really liked that story. It was about how god wont help us until we help ourselves and put forth the effort! Makes a lot of sense to me.

This past week as well, we were in piso a lot because of Elder contreras ankle, we would try and go out, but he could barely walk, so we stayed in made some calls, studied and tried not to get crazy bored. But we also went ot the hospital and they justsaid it was a nasty sprain, and that he needed a few days of rest from it. Hopefully its all good now, we were working on saturday and sunday and he was being a champ.

I love you and hope you have a great day and week! thanks for the support and the love ad prayers. I say that all the time, but it makes a difference. Thank you!

Elder Santore

i can smile and have genuine conversation with them and we both come out of that happy and feeling good.

Well hello there all, another good week coming from huesca!

Elder Contreras and I are doing great and just working hard. He is fantastic, we get a long great. Super fun, super chill and a really hard worker as well. Cant ask for more than that!

Some things this past week were we met with a very nice woman whose mom is a member and she just was the nicest to us. Always a great thing to meet a genuine nice person. But we went with her to visit her mother in the hospital and read some scriptures with them, her mom cant really speak back but she was happy missionaries came by, it had been a while since she had contact with the church, so it was a cool thing.

Life is doing good, we played some frisbee today and slacklined in Zaragoza, great time, but elder contreras rolled his ankle pretty bad which sucks.

Other than that, we did a lot of walking, a lot of talking. It was a good week. Looking back on it i felt like we worked hard. in the middle of the week, i was feeling a little down after being here for a while and not seeing much. you know after doing the same thing over and over again, it can get pretty boring and tiring, espeicially when that involves walking around all day every day without much immediate success. But every time i think like that, i say a little prayer and i always feel better. I know i probably wont change the whole city of huesca but if i can make someone feel good in the day i would be happy. Maybe they dont want to listen, but i can smile and have genuine conversation with them and we both come out of that happy and feeling good. I dont always recognize those little moments, but when i am feeling really down and tired, they always seem to appear way more.

Well i love you all very much, read the book of the mormon and pray about it. Thats an invitation of a lifetime. It will make you so happy, i promise.

thank you for everything!

Elder Santore

i felt i was with my family back home during family scripture study all with the giggles.

Great week, transfers came and elder barney is off to the north of spain! Sad to see him go but thats the way the mission is right. Life is good though, Elder Contreras will be my next companion, he is from mexico i think, but lives in utah! So this is my closet native companion that ill have! Im pumped. I have one transfer left now, crazy stuff.

Good things happened this past week. We had a ton of visits with Veronica and Yerlin the two recent converts here in Huesca and they are a ton of fun. We were reading from alma in a cafe with veronica, and we just started llaughing like crazy and couldnt finish reading hahaha, it was sooo funny. i felt i was with my family back home during family scripture study all with the giggles. It was fantastic. But the spirit was still there as well. so good stuff

I love the work, i love the gospel. Its so true. Keep praying and having fun and everythign will always work out!! i love you all so much!!! thanks for everything!!

Elder Santore